The production process is a method used throughout the industry. Being adopted for every project, it's a great blueprint for the filmmaking structure. Having a brief understanding of these steps, ensures you won't get lost along the way.


Before kick-starting production, we arrange a meeting to consult you on your project.


This is where we start bouncing some ideas and form an ouline for your concept.


Where we start collaborating with you, creating firmer ideas and building your concept into a fully original idea.


We will then put all plans in place for the next stage of your production.


This is the big day, where your project is filmed and we capture the magic.

The crew will be on board working together to make the production flow seemlessly.

Soak up the creative atmosphere as your production comes to life.


The recorded project goes into the editing suite for assembly, colour grading, sound design and any other post-production services.

After we've completed the process, the first version of the video will be sent to you for review.

When reviewing, you can leave feedback directly on the video, once complete send this back to us and we'll get to work on the changes.

Once the final version is signed off, your video will be delivered and available to download.