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In an artificial future, the development of high functioning AI has led to the mistreatment of women.
New Born
Sci-Fi | Drama - 16 minutes

Writer / Director

Oli Greck

Production Company

Eyes To Film

Original Score

Monika Mia

Sound Design

Mauro "Kenji" Serra

Digital Compositor 

Zafer Ercevik

Amber Doig-Thorne, Peter Wheel-Jones, Peter Breen, Philip Gill, Kasper Lewis, Tahrif Naviq, Poppy Abbott

What is the film about?
Upon the release of a new female AI, an older AI is faced with the pressure of becoming obsolete. Her eyes open to the troubled world around her resulting in a destructive breakdown.

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Retrospective of Jupiter

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Directors Statement

"New Born is set in an artificial world where society has been corrupted by the development of female artificial intelligence, manipulating the views of the modern citizen and forcing all women (real and artificial) into a form of modern slavery. I wanted to create a science fiction film that propels audiences into the future, encouraging both reflection and conversation."
Director - Oli Greck

The Production Journey

Behind the scenes

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The original idea for the film was penned by Oli Greck to depict a world that has lost it's respect. The first written version actually turned out to be a sequel to the film that eventually became 'New Born'. Busy on other projects, the original idea was left in a drawer where it grew in the writers mind. A year later the pen was picked back up and Greck wrote an entirely new version of 'New Born' which is the film that we see today. 

Like many short films, a challenge the film faced was a limited budget. It became clear in the early stages that the only way to successfully turnaround production would be to shoot the film in a very short window of time, effectively putting the majority of the production budget into just a few days on set. After the cast was confirmed and pre-production was making rapid progress, the director and main cast got together for rehersal and make-up testing, this was the best time to bring the screenplay and characters to life. Due to the thorough pre-production and hardworking cast & crew, the film then went on to wrap it's entire production in just two days.

In the UK, the film was assembled by Writer/Director Oli Greck, whilst Mauro Serra was also working on the complex sound design. Meanwhile in Russia, the films composer Monika Mia was hard at work putting together an original score, reminiscent of fantastic science fiction film that came before. Once the final cut was screen tested, the film was complete. 'New Born' hit the festival circuit at the start of 2020 and has since been well received in the UK, US, Canada and Ireland. On the 25th November 2021, the film will premiere on streaming platform 'Paus' for a exclusive 24 hour event. Sign up above to get the latest news for the release of the film.

awards | Reviews


Stranger Days Independent Film Festival

Best International Short & Best Sci-Fi Short

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